yRead3 is a program that will read aloud text using a computerized voice
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yRead3 is a program that will read text aloud for you using a computerized voice.
The program will allow you to load any TXT or HTML file, which it will display in its main window. You can increase or decrease the font size of the text to better fit your needs. When you press the "Play" symbol, the program will start reading the whole text aloud. It will use the default voice in your system, but you can add and use any other voices, especially for languages other than English. You can also adjust the reading speed to your taste. This way, you can use this program to read an e-book, an e-mail, or a letter, while you are doing something else. It can also be a great help for persons with a visual impairment or for illiterate people.

yRead3 gives you easy access to the Project Gutenberg catalog, where you can download e-books to play using this tool.

yRead3 uses the.NET 3.0 framework speech engine that comes with Windows Vista and Seven. Windows XP or 2003 users will use the standard Windows voices. This version does not run under Windows 98.

Daniel Ángel Romero
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  • It is free
  • It is very easy to use
  • It produces an accurate reading


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